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The Baltimore Grill: Barry Glazer

The never-shy defense lawyer on porn stars, speaking his mind, and besting William Shatner.

Arts & Culture

The Baltimore Grill: Reagan Warfield

The affable morning jock on loving The Hoff, drinking cosmos with Bon Jovi, and cooking for Oprah.

News & Community

Baltimore Grill: Vic Carter

WJZ’s main man on Al Sanders, covering the Vatican, and being a real-life superhero.

News & Community

The Baltimore Grill: Bob Turk

The longtime WJZ personality on Baltimore's snow daze, storm chasing, and his message to fans.

Food & Drink

The Baltimore Grill: Linwood Dame

The restauranteur on his historic past, being George Clooney, and why he is so over foams.

Arts & Culture

The Baltimore Grill: Sarah Fleischer

The popular DJ on interviewing Ozzy, moving past vinyl, and hanging with the boys.

Arts & Culture

Laurie DeYoung Q&A

We hate to break the news to you, but you don’t know Laurie DeYoung.

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