Media Moms

We interview three local broadcasters who recently gave birth to twins.

Jess Blumberg - March 2012

Media Moms

We interview three local broadcasters who recently gave birth to twins.

Jess Blumberg - March 2012

When WJZ meteorologist Bernadette Woods and her husband found out they was pregnant with twins, it wasn't that surprising. "We did in vitro, so it wasn't a total shock," she says. But going into pre-term labor at 26 weeks certainly was unexpected. Her twins, Thomas and Daniel, were born 11 weeks premature on August 28, the same day as Hurricane Irene, fitting for a meteorologist. "The fact that they're preemies adds a whole new set of challenges—a cold could hospitalize them," she says. "But they already have personalities. Thomas is more particular, and Daniel is squirmy and active." Woods is now back at work and credits her co-workers for being supportive. "Denise [Koch] has teenage twins, so she's given me great advice," she says.

LaDawn Black

Already having a 10-year-old son, 92Q host and author LaDawn Black and her husband were stunned to hear they were having twins. "When the doctor said, 'Baby A,' we couldn't believe it!" she says. Black said her pregnancy was great, but, by the end, the babies were 6 and 7 pounds. "I looked normal from behind, but when I turned to the side, I was really big," she says. On August 17, she had a C-section at Mercy Medical Center and little Ava and Bella were born. Black says the biggest challenges have been splitting attention between the two babies and also getting into "work mode" for her radio show. "I host a show about sex and relationships," she says. "It's hard to feel seductive when you smell like milk and haven't used make-up for days." But Black says she's learned to be patient, have fun with it, and accept the unique aspect of twins. "When we take them out, people lose their brains," she says. "People love twins."

Megan Pringle

There were mixed reactions when WMAR anchor Megan Pringle and her husband found out they were having twins. "I was excited, and I think he was freaked out," she says. "His first words were, 'Shut up!'" Pringle says her pregnancy was really smooth up until week 37 when she went in for a routine test and they did an emergency C-section that day. Her twin girls, Jordan and Nola, were born on November 8. "It's crazy because you're sleep deprived and up to your elbows in poop," she says. "But it's such a joy." Pringle's been dealing with the mommy guilt of not being able to tend to both of them at once. She says Nola is cuddly, while Jordan is loud and assertive. Pringle went back to the morning show and says she's lucky because of her schedule. "We have someone help through the night and then I have all day with them," she says. "I may never sleep again, but it's worth it."

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