Bronze Beauty

Hello fall, goodbye summer tan.

By Hilary Geisbert - September 2014

Bronzer Tips and Tricks

Hello fall, goodbye summer tan.

By Hilary Geisbert - September 2014

Sylk Cosmetics founder Tiffany Jeffers shows us how to create the perfect sun-kissed look with bronzer in just a few easy steps.


Prep and Pick

Always start with a fresh, clean face. Apply a moisturizer—by doing this, you prepare your skin for a smoother application, so that the bronzer creates a soft, dewy look that isn’t dry or cakey. Choose your shade that is one to two shades deeper than your skin—fair to medium looks best with a peach-golden or rose-color bronzer, while deeper skin tones look best with an orange to amber color.


Get the Glow

Use a fluffy or kabuki brush to swirl in the bronzer. Tap off the brush to remove excess product. Using soft circular strokes, apply the bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally kiss your face—forehead, cheeks, and jawline. If you need to adjust, apply a little powder foundation on top to tone and blend down.


Super Sculpt

You can use bronzer to sculpt your face. After applying the shimmer bronzer in steps one and two, use a deep, flat bronzer (no shimmer) on the hollow of your cheeks and the sides of your nose. You will have the perfect, runway-model look!

Jeffers’s Top Picks

Too Faced chocolate
soleil matte bronzer
($30) at Ulta Beauty.

Nars The
Multiple bronzer
($39) at Sephora.

Sylk Cosmetics
bronze and sculpt
($30) at Sylk Cosmetics.

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