DRINK TO THAT:  “I mixed in the logo with these old drinking glasses we reprinted from an old Montgomery Ward catalogue. It’s a great designer sourcebook.”
HOT STUFF:  When Mashburn was designing the labels for Woodberry’s Snake Oil, which sits on every table at Parts & Labor, the FDA demanded that Mashburn include a line that her hyperbolic claims had not been evaluated by the FDA. “I was like you've got to be kidding me,” recounts Mashburn. “The label said, ‘Begin with a dash, add more as needed for excellent digestion.’ I was a bit ticked off, so I ended up writing other claims like, ‘In addition to excellent digestion Snake Oil may improve your alertness, will improve most dishes and cocktails when seasoned to taste, five out of five loyal customers believe that Snake Oil can be shared to win friends and curry favor. Please take note that the FDA has not evaluated these claims.’ Duh!”