HOLY COW:  “Spike wanted a cow that really referenced an old-fashioned cow, not a modern agribusiness kind of cow, but the kind of cow he is sourcing his meat from old heritage breed animals, respectfully raised. I just thought this cow had a fantastic face like he’s a little judging you but also welcoming you. He came from an old, wood engraving.”
PUT A RIBBON ON IT:  “The ribbon is a reference to those old butcher shop ribbons, which were used to highlight things.”
TO THE LETTER  “The P & L mark is from my old, ’40s monogram set. These likely could have come from nice stationery. We used it as a cattle brand.”
BORDER-LINE  “These borders were inspired by Nu-Ace photo-corner packaging,” says Mashburn. “I love the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s.  I thought they’d make a great border.”