The Faces of Health and Beauty

Belcara Health

Left to right: Kierstin Harper, RN; Dr. Richard Adler; Emily Strawderman, Medical Aesthetician; Dr. Gary Vela; Dr. Nadia Mostovych;
Kara Bagranoff, RN; Caroline Harvey, PA-C; Lisa Bucci, RN; Dr. Michael Cohen; Paige Williams, Certified Health Coach;
Dr. Bradley Robertson; Dr. Andrew Marek; Annemarie Joerres, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; Brie Suppa, PA-C

1427 Clarkview Road | Suite 300 | Baltimore, MD 21209

When Dr. Michael Cohen founded Belcara Health, he recognized true beauty involves more than cosmetic surgery and the use of injectables—total, long-term beauty requires healthy skin, vision, proper nutrition, and a healthy gut.

Understanding this and wanting to provide his patients with unmatched care, he pulled together Baltimore-area leaders in ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery, non-surgical skin treatments, functional medicine, and nutrition. Their core mission revolves around building long-lasting relationships with patients, providing them with endless resources and consistent encouragement, from nutrition programs with an on-site, registered dietitian to non-surgical face and body enhancements provided by an elite team of nurses and medical aestheticians to total face and body transformations performed by leading plastic surgeons. From skin analyses with a world-renowned dermatology team to the latest eye treatments provided by a nationally recognized ophthalmologist, Belcara Health impresses upon every patient that health is a 360-degree experience.

“Our goal is to ensure every patient looks and feels their absolute best, utilizing the most cutting-edge tools and services to help them achieve this,” says Dr. Cohen. “When you walk into Belcara Health, you join a community committed to firstclass care, while enjoying the luxuries of a boutique, personal experience. No practice in the world offers a health and beauty experience like that of Belcara Health.”