The Face of Tax Resolution


Lea D. Uradu, Founder

8 Market Place, Baltimore MD, 21202

The founder of L.A.W. Tax Resolution Services, Lea Uradu, helps clients cope with the complexities of personal income taxes and associated matters. “In times of uncertainty,” she says, “people should seek guidance from a professional who can help them navigate the storm.” Certainly these are uncertain times: Last March, the President declared COVID-19 a national disaster. Tax filing deadlines were extended and qualified taxpayers could seek relief for pandemic losses, and pursue relief by claiming a disaster loss, Uradu advises. “If a taxpayer has a loss from a federally declared disaster, the taxpayer may choose to deduct the loss on their tax return in the year prior to the disaster by making an election or in the year the loss occurred.” For a consultation, contact Lea Uradu at [email protected].