The Faces of Patient Health, Safety, and Wellbeing in Orthopaedic Care


Scott Adams, MD; Oren Blam, MD; Roberto Brandão, DPM; George Brouillet, Jr., MD; Michael DeMarco, DO; Nicholas Grosso, MD; Uchechi Iweala, MD; Brian Janz, MD; Richard Kinnard, Sr., MD; Marc Lipton, DPM; Khurram Pervaiz, MD; M. Brian Polsky, MD; Scott Silverstein, MD; Gurtej Singh, MD; Sam Sydney, MD; Michael Wallace, MD; Ke Xie, MD; Ralph Zade, MD

Catonsville, Columbia, Eldersburg, Ellicott City, Fulton, and Jessup

Our word for this year is movement: Movement toward a brighter future, movement outside, once again with our friends and families. Movement means so much and so many different things to each of us. It is taking a walk around the neighborhood, riding a bike, and running a marathon. Movement is tying your shoes, picking up a child, and putting on a jacket. Movement is bending, reaching, and twisting, free from pain. Movement is freedom. Looking back on a year marked by restriction, we might have forgotten what movement meant to us, or what became too difficult to do during a period of immobility. If you have lost your movement, we want to help you get it back.

From head to toes, we can develop a personalized plan of care to treat your medical condition, guide you every step of the way through the process of healing, and allow you to return to the full and happy life you deserve. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we’ll always do. It’s why patients in need of orthopaedic care have continued to put their trust in us for the past 50 years.