The Courtney Cass Catalyst Fund

As TFA Baltimore’s Executive Director for the past 10 years, Courtney Cass was never satisfied with the status quo. She led TFA’s growing impact in Baltimore, attracting, nurturing, guiding and inspiring over 1,400 leaders. She believes that “if we’re going to accelerate opportunities for many more students who don’t have the support and resources they need, it will take individuals in every sector of our society—diverse, bright, optimistic, and innovative leaders in classrooms, schools, organizations, and systems.”

To honor and continue her legacy, we’re launching the Courtney Cass Catalyst Fund to put a spotlight on and support TFA alumni who, like Courtney, are innovating to break down structures that stand in the way of every child succeeding.

If you’d like to support some of the remarkable alumni like those you see here, contact Janki Jani at [email protected] Together, we can help catalyze more initiatives that have potential to change the game in Baltimore.