All in a Day With Patrice Sanders

We follow the daily routine of the WBFF Morning news anchor.

Rachel Hinch - November 2019

All in a Day With Patrice Sanders

We follow the daily routine of the WBFF Morning news anchor.

Rachel Hinch - November 2019

-Photography by Christopher Myers
1:30 a.m. The Early Bird Gets . . .

My alarm goes off, and I hit snooze a little bit. I’ve been doing this morning thing for 16 years now, but there’s nothing natural about getting up at that hour. Most mornings, I will try to do 15 minutes of abs. I find it hard to motivate myself to do it later in the day, but it also helps me wake up and sets my mood for the day.

2:30 a.m. Me Time

On my drive, I usually listen to my devotions or gospel music to get into my day. That’s often the only time that I’m alone for the rest of the day, so I try to take advantage of that.

4 a.m. Screen Routine

I go to work in sweatpants and a T-shirt, so a half-hour before we go on air, I’ll go to the makeup room. I have alarms on my phone to give me a countdown to when I need to get onto the set.

4:30 a.m. Breakfast to Go

We’re on the air for five and a half hours. So I’ll have coffee on the way into work, but what I consider my breakfast I’ll have during a commercial break. That’ll be something quick, like an egg.

11 a.m. Homebound

Three to four days a week, I’ll head straight to the gym. My husband’s a trainer, so he keeps me on pace.

1p.m. It’s...Dinner?

People ask if I go home and nap, but that’s just not in the works. When I get home, I’ll have a big meal, and it’s the last one I have for the day. The majority of my time outside of WBFF, I’ve been working on a podcast/YouTube project that will be launching soon.

4 p.m. Family Time

After I pick my daughter up from school, we’ll have our time together to play. My daughter and I will soak it up as long as we can—she’s a big cuddler.

8 p.m. Lights Out

The evening comes early. I put my daughter down, and mommy is in bed soon after!

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