Male Grooming Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

Carlos Ramirez of Crown Barber Shop discussions hair trends and tips for the season.

Rachel Hinch - November 2019

Male Grooming Tips to Keep in Mind This Winter

Carlos Ramirez of Crown Barber Shop discussions hair trends and tips for the season.

Rachel Hinch - November 2019

As weather reports indicate cooler weather, we predict another season of grown-out beards and tousled men’s hairstyles. For those guys who like to grow their scruff a little longer in the cooler months, we talked to Carlos Ramirez of Crown Barber Shop, who gave us the skinny on this season’s hair trends and grooming tips.

What are the latest hairstyles you’re seeing customers request?

A lot of people don’t know what style to get, so I’ll usually recommend haircuts. Everybody seems to be going for the combover or slow-fade since it’s a trend right now.

What kind of routine keeps hair neat and clean?

We usually tell customers to take care of their hair with products and wash it every other day. Using con- ditioner leaves your hair softer, shinier, and healthy. If your hair is longer, it can be washed every three days.

Do you have any tips for beard up-keep?

People don’t really use many products on their beards, but oil can make it shinier. At Crown Barber Shop, we make sure to use aftershave and cream. For those who get irritation bumps, try using aftershave before and after shaving. Elegance After Shave is what I always recommend for that.

Are there other products that you typically recommend people use?

A lot of customers like our Elegance gel, Elegance wax, and the Pacino pomade. For longer hair, I always suggest Aveeno shampoo to help elongate and make hair shiny.

What makes your barber shop different from a salon?

We do every type of hair, so it’s a real mix. We are most known for that. At our barber shop, we do a hot towel treatment which almost nobody else does, and we do a face mask on our clients after we shave their beards.

How often should men be visiting the barber shop for a fresh trim?

Everyone’s hair grows so differ- ently. I have a lot of customers whose hair grows in two days and others whose hair grows slowly within a week. But most of the peo- ple come to the barber shop every week or every two weeks.



AFTERSHAVE: To keep skin smooth and free of irrita- tion, apply before and after shaving.


CONDITIONER: For soft, shiny, healthier-looking hair, be sure to condition your hair every other day.


BEARD OIL: Top off your beard with oil for a shiny and well-kept look.

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