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Max Weiss  

Max Weiss is the managing editor of Baltimore and a film and pop culture critic. You can catch her movie reviews, Saturdays, on WBAL-TV and read her thoughts on everything from last night's episode of The Good Wife to the latest Godard film @maxthegirl. She also plays a mean cello.

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Review: Baywatch

It's not safe to go into these waters.


Review: All This Panic

The Parkway hits the ground running with this documentary about teenage girldom in all its wonderful complexity and mystery.


Review: Snatched

Intermittently funny comedy fails to take full advantage of its wonderful leads.


Review: Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

Fun has never been this exhausting.

Arts & Culture

Cinema Paradiso

The Maryland Film Festival is no longer a hidden gem. But will it be ruined by success?


It’s Maryland Film Festival Time!

The Little Festival That Roared is back, this time with a new venue.

News & Community

Editor's Corner: May 2017

Managing editor Max Weiss previews the the Outdoors issue of Baltimore magazine.


Review: Rat Film

Local director takes on the grim truth behind Baltimore's rat problem.


Review: Unforgettable

Really? This plot again?


Review: Colossal

A woman tackles her demons—literally.


Review: Gifted

It's far from subtle, but this film about a custody battle over a precocious child will make you cry.


Review: The Fate of the Furious

They're going to need a bigger picnic table.


Review: The Zookeeper's Wife

Despite its flaws, this true story of a Polish couple who sheltered Jews in their zoo during the Holocaust is stirring.

Home & Living

Editor's Corner: April 2017

Managing editor Max Weiss previews the April issue of Baltimore magazine.


Review: Personal Shopper

Arty horror film takes full advantage of the Kristen Stewart mystique.


Review: Life

Halfway decent ALIEN rip-off with a better cast than it deserves.


Review: Beauty and the Beast

It's fine, but it doesn't hold a talking candle to the original.


Review: Kong: Skull Island

Does the world need another King Kong movie? Maybe!


Review: Before I Fall

This teen take on Groundhog Day is smart and stylish.


Freaky Sunday

The Oscars were kind of dull…until they weren’t.

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