The Faces of Wellness & Mental Happiness


Chris Simon, CEO; Jada McCray, COO; Ashley Archie, Director of Program Development; Dermetra Kearney, Director of Clinical Services

1900 N. Howard Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

BTST Services: “A Better Tomorrow Starts Today”

BTST Services is a CARF-accredited licensed mental health agency providing comprehensive programming and integrated care to children, teens, and adults throughout Maryland. BTST Services is an outpatient mental health clinic offering on-and off-site therapy, medication management, tele-health, and PRP services.

To better service its clients comprehensively, BTST started Hêl Holistically Enriching Lives, a substance-use treatment center in Baltimore City and the sister agency of BTST Services. Hêl’s IOP Program includes at least nine hours a week of group support, individual counseling, and job readiness as clients embrace their journey of healing from addiction. Hêl’s unique approach combines standard counseling with holistic modalities, giving our clients new methods to overcome substance use. They are not only treating their clients but preparing them to live fulfilled lives post-substance use.