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Board Certified Podiatrist & Heel Pain Specialist

1447 York Road, Suite 504, Lutherville, MD 21093

Our feet support every step we take and play a vital role in our overall health. “Foot damage—mostly caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes, strenuous overuse, or carrying excess weight—can quickly lead to a host of painful maladies that prevent normal daily activities,” states Dr. Kelly Geoghan. She continues, “It is critical to see a qualified podiatrist as soon as something goes wrong.” Dr. Kelly Geoghan is a board-certified podiatrist with over 25 years of experience caring for patients in her native Baltimore community. At her practice, Dr. Geoghan offers a wide range of treatments—from custom orthotics and injections to Shockwave Therapy and surgery—using the most advanced technology and techniques available today. Renowned for her clinical expertise, gentle manner, and outstanding results, Dr. Geoghan works with patients to repair their ailments, relieve their pain, and help them resume the active lives they desire.