JA 18 Under 18 2024


The Gerstell Academy sophomore is already an experienced entrepreneur, founding 10 seasonal businesses in the past two years. Using these ventures as a learning lab for his eleventh start-up, Kyle has since earned over $12,000 from his online business selling lighting fixtures. Driven, resilient, analytical, smart, and optimistic, Kyle applies the same approach to his school leadership activities as class secretary, vice president of the Art Honor Society, Math and Spanish Honor Society, Diversity Club, and Student Outreach Club. He donates part of his business profits to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in memory of his late father, volunteers with the Humane Society and First Fruits Farms, and tutors math students at Gerstell Academy.

“Among the brightest with the kindest of hearts… Kyle exemplifies true leadership potential, strong academic aptitude and…makes a positive impact on those around him.” —Jennifer Shields, teacher

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