The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore

101 W. Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201

The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore strengthens and nurtures Jewish life by engaging and supporting community partners while meeting both immediate and emerging needs in Greater Baltimore, Israel, and around the world.

Every year, The Associated raises tens of millions of dollars through the collaboration and commitment of hundreds of volunteers, thousands of donors, and many community partners. Our purpose is simple: we bring people together to think big, act bold, repair the world, and shape our future.

For over 100 years, The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore has been a part of the fabric of our community. If there was ever a time when we touched lives in an immediate and far-reaching way, this past year was it. When so much was taken away and so much surrounding us was uncertain, our commitment to serving the needs of the community only grew.

Now, as our ‘new normal’ evolves, we continue to reach out to those in need, find innovative ways to engage with our community, and make sure good continues to grow at home, in Israel, and around the world. Because The Associated, with your generous support, is Here for Good.

But what does it mean to be, Here For Good? As the recent pandemic and economic crisis has shown, we all need a support system. COVID-19’s collateral damage left painful scars and new challenges. For anyone facing hard times, The Associated is here to make sure they have the resources to regain their footing.

We take care of each other, whether it’s with a hot meal delivered to a homebound elderly person, an emergency loan to pay a month’s rent for a struggling family, special help for a child with learning differences, or an overnight shelter that keeps a victim of abuse safe. For the single mother… the grandfather… the teacher… the young child… for all those who face adversity, The Associated will always be the place to turn to for help.

There are many ways to get involved. Volunteer with us, spearhead a fundraiser, attend events, recruit a friend, join a committee, advocate for a fair and just world, meet up with other people who share your perspective or profession, or honor a friend with a tribute e-card. Bookmark—it’s your guide to everything happening in Jewish Baltimore, from events to articles on culture, parenting, holidays, and food.