Spring Style

What are some style tips for Spring?

By Jane Marion - March 2014

Style Tips for Spring

What are some style tips for Spring?

By Jane Marion - March 2014

When it comes to style, A Style Studio owner Lauren Rutkovitz, has done it all—from giving makeovers and tips on what's trending to selling up-to-the-minute clothing from her Pikesville boutique. “I think having a sense of fashion is innate," says Rutkovitz. “But if you don't have it, go to someone who can help." The style maven opened her shop in 2009 after working as a stylist and makeup artist for a local TV show. At the time, she found there was a dearth of stores that carried great clothing for women up to size 16, as well as few places to buy makeup with a professional other than department [stores] where, “the young women look like gypsies, and the older women are wearing so much makeup they look scary," she says. “What I was looking for at the time didn't exist in Baltimore. I thought 'Baltimore can do better than this,' so I opened my own store."

How do you define 'style'? The definition of style is wearing what looks good on you for your body type, and not just what's in fashion. Just because skinny jeans are in, doesn't mean that you should be wearing them. Don't wear something just because it's trendy. A big and bold print won't work on someone who is heavier, for instance, but you can bring the trend in with a print scarf.

How does one develop a sense of style? It's important to figure out what style works for you, and then collect a wardrobe around whatever style suits you. If it's boho that suits you, get a couple of pairs of great-fitting jeans and a couple of cute different-style (i.e. peasant) tops that can be mixed and matched with great accessories so that your closet looks like you've done it all effortlessly—even if it was hard work.

Any tips on figuring out the right look for makeup? When it comes to makeup, I suggest going to a professional for a consultation so you can learn what looks good on you and what suits your lifestyle. It's all about natural beauty and using makeup to enhance it. Your weekend face makeup should be the same as what you wear during the day. Go for whatever looks natural, and then on a weekend night the only thing to change is wearing a bolder, maybe red, lipstick and popping up your eyes a little.

What about spring hair care? For people who have hair color, it's important to put products in the hair that have sunblock so that color doesn't fade. In terms of trends, pulled-up hair and ponytails continue to be very popular.

What You Need

Use these tips to aid your spring look.

A simple bun or stylish ponytail is always a hairdo staple.

Just like your skin, your color-treated hair needs a product to block the sun.

Pretty Pastels
Add shimmery colors like pinks, purples, and light blues to your makeup palette this season.

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