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Local brand Worthy Threads puts the cool back in kids clothing.

Lauren Bell - October 2017

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Local brand Worthy Threads puts the cool back in kids clothing.

Lauren Bell - October 2017

-Jenny Lynn Photography

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After combing through endless racks of children’s clothing studded with rhinestones, glitter, and phrases like “Daddy’s Little Slugger,” local design duo Jessica Kremen and Lily Brown decided it was time to do things their own way. 

“What we’ve created is something that can’t be found anywhere else,” Kremen says. “I don’t consider myself preppy. I am not into bedazzled things. I just don’t really like childish things on my kids.”

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Kremen found a kindred spirit in Brown when the pair were introduced by a mutual friend. They joined forces and launched Worthy Threads in May 2017, with the idea of bringing innovative designs, styles, and fabrics to the kids’ clothing market. 

Kremen, whose background is in advertising, heads up the business and design side and Brown, a former mechanical engineer, is a self-taught seamstress who also handles manufacturing. “I watched a lot of YouTube videos,” she laughs. 

Their fabrics, which are sourced from New York and L.A., feature illustrations of llamas, shop receipts, and men with varied facial hair—aptly titled “barbershop.” Driven largely by social media and local festivals, the brand has quickly grown in popularity. Both moms of two, Kremen and Brown have conveniently adorable models at home. 

In fact, if you hop on the website, you can see their kids modeling the label’s latest collection, which launched on September 5 and features new styles such as a long-sleeved dress, suspender skirt, and cozy loungewear in fresh prints. 

“I feel a little obnoxious calling us remarkable, but the word actually means something that leads you to want to remark on it,” says Kremen. “Anytime someone wears Worthy Threads people comment on it. So we are remarkable.”

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-Jenny Lynn Photography

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