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When Bianca was younger, she collected books to leave in public places across Baltimore with a note explaining that she wanted to spread joy and a love of reading. At the height of the pandemic, while a freshman, Bianca led a Zoom yoga class for nurses she created through the Bryn Mawr School and University of Pennsylvania’s Social Innovators online program. With partial funding from her school’s Leadership in Action Expo, Bianca, now a senior, has completed the 200-hour yoga teacher course while juggling part-time jobs, varsity field hockey, and a rigorous academic course load. She taught weekly yoga classes through Baltimore’s Higher Achievements at Mt. Royal Middle School—her bake sales raised funds for yoga mats and blocks—and led classes for area sports teams and other nonprofits. Compassionate and humble, Bianca also planned South Asian Student Union events at her school to celebrate her Asian culture.

“[Becoming a yoga instructor] requires discipline, determination and the strength and courage to engage in meaningful self-study and reflection. Bianca excelled, and her desire to be of service is commendable.” —Erin Leach, M.Ed., LCPC, founder, Erin Leach Yoga/Therapy

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