Readers' Poll Results

Best Restaurants Readers’ Poll Results 2024

Our Readers’ Poll launched in January as a way for readers to weigh in on their favorite people and places in the local dining scene. Now, the results are in!

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Thanks so much for voting in our 2024 Best Restaurants Readers’ Poll! Our Readers’ Poll launched in January as a way for readers to weigh in on their favorite people and places in the local dining scene. Now, the results are in!

Browse readers’ top picks in the list below, and be sure to check out our editorial Best Restaurants winners from the March 2024 issue, here.

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What makes the Charm City dining scene one of the best in the nation? Every year, our team of food reviewers eat their way through Baltimore to find out, and they deliver their results in our annual March Best Restaurants issue.But we know that our readers have their own ideas about what makes our food and beverage landscape great—so we created the Best Restaurants Readers’ Poll to honor their picks.From your top brunch spot to your favorite cocktail program, we asked you to share your go-to places to grab a bite (or sip) in Baltimore—and you did not disappoint. Here are a few stats on this year’s poll:

• 36,000 votes submitted
• 35 categories
• 110 winners and finalists

Thanks to each and every reader who took the time to rally behind Charm City’s best eateries. Now, without further ado, here are your picks.

African Cuisine
Winner: Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant
Finalists: Nailah’s Kitchen, Tabor Ethiopian Restaurant

Antonio, Taco Love Grill
Finalists: Haley Fisher, The Local; Ali Eshman, Smaltimore

Winner: Bunny’s, Buckets & Bubbles
Finalists: Miss Shirley’s, Silver Queen Cafe

Zack Trabbold, The Local
Finalists: Cory Pastor, Locals Only; Ryan Scalfari, Cafe Campli

Chesapeake Fare
Winner: Thames Street Oyster House
Finalists: Koco’s Pub, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

Chinese Cuisine
Finalists: Chopstix Gourmet, Joey Chiu’s Greenspring Inn

Cocktail Program
Mucho Gusto
Finalists: Dutch Courage, Kenwood Tavern

Comfort Food
Finalists: Pizza John’s, Patterson Public House

Dessert/Pastry Program
Winner: Cafe Dear Leon
Finalists: Vaccaro’s, Maillard Pastries

Fast-Casual Restaurant
Finalists: Desantis Pizza Grill and Bar, Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar

Food Truck
Winner: Top Nach
Finalists: La Migueleña Food Truck, Fuzzies Burgers

French Cuisine
Winner: Petit Louis Bistro
Finalists: Duck Duck Goose, Le Comptoir du Vin

Gluten-Free Cuisine
Winner: Verde
Finalists: Bunny’s, Buckets & Bubbles, Sweet 27 Bakery and Restaurant

Indian Cuisine
Winner: Peerce’s
Finalists: The Ambassador Dining Room, Darbar Indian Restaurant

Winner: Birria Love
Finalists: Gunther & Co., Ammoora 

Italian Cuisine
Winner: Cafe Campli
Finalists: Frank’s Pizza and Pasta, Di Pasquale’s

Japanese Cuisine
Finalists: Shoyou Sushi, Sushi Hana

Korean Cuisine
Winner: Jong Kak
Finalists: Honey Pig, Kong (Pocha)

Mediterranean Cuisine*
Winner: La Cuchara
Finalists: Cafe Campli, Samos

Mexian Cuisine
Winner: Taco Love Grill
Finalists: Clavel, Mucho Gusto 

Middle Eastern Cuisine
Winner: The Helmand
Finalists: Mera Kitchen Collective, Ammoora 

New Restaurant
Winner: Bunny’s, Buckets & Bubbles
Finalists: Locals Only, Birria Love 

Non-Alcoholic Drink Program
Winner: Dutch Courage
Finalists: The Bluebird Cocktail Room, Gunther & Co. 

Outdoor Dining
Winner: Nick’s Fish House
Finalists: Gunther & Co., Patterson Public House 

Winner: Frank’s Pizza and Pasta
Finalists: Pizza Johns, Locals Only

Winner: Charleston
Finalists: Cinghiale, Petit Louis Bistro

Raw Bar
Winner: Thames Street Oyster House
Finalists: Dylan’s Oyster Cellar, True Chesapeake Oyster Co.

Romantic Restaurant
Winner: The Bluebird Cocktail Room
Finalists: The Prime Rib, Little Donna’s

Restaurant with Live Music
Winner: Keystone Korner
Finalists: The Admiral’s Cup, Fallston Barrel House

Winner: Eli Wright, THB Bagelry + Deli
Finalists: Jackie Poetzel, The Local; Alli Tran, Bunny’s, Buckets & Bubbles 

South American
Winner: Alma Cocina Latina
Finalists: El Trovador Mercado Lati, La Barrita

Winner: The Prime Rib
Finalists: The Capital Grille, La Barrita

Thai Cuisine
Winner: Bodhi Corner
Finalists: The Dara, Charming Elephant

Winner: Golden West Cafe
Finalists: The Land of Kush, Johnny Rad’s

Wine Program
Winner: La Cuchara
Finalists: Charleston, Cinghiale and Spirits of Mt. Vernon (tie)


*Editor’s Note: Readers overwhelmingly voted La Cuchara the winner for Best Mediterranean Cuisine. Its food is inspired by the Basque region, which isn’t on the Mediterranean, but combines the flavors of France and Spain—parts of which both border the Mediterranean.