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Mind Body Mentors

54 Scott Adam Road, Suite 106, Cockeysville, MD, 21030


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Health | Bodywork | Health Coaching | Holistic Healing | Hypnotherapy | Massage | Yoga

Location | Baltimore County

Husband and wife team Luke and Courtney Miller together offer their clients and students the ancient system of Eastern healing. This Eastern healing system includes methods for relieving stress by restoring mental and physical balance. The one thing that all of these methods have in common is the belief that stress, disease and injury disrupt the vital energy inside the body, while Breath-work, Holistic Nutrition, Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga & Bodywork help to restore it. With our guidance you can learn how to facilitate your bodies own natural healing system. There is incredible human potential waiting to be tapped into, all of which can be directed in a way of your choosing. We offer therapeutic services online and in person to couples, and individuals ages 5 & up. Additionally we provide pregnancy and prenatal holistic support. We have 4 office locations in Baltimore and surrounding areas and offer personalized services at clients location.

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