JA 18 Under 18 2024


For a tenth grader, Eileen has an impressive array of gifts. A violinist, she participates in orchestras but also shares her talent with senior citizens and youth as a board member of UNMUTE. The teen-led nonprofit links young musicians with the elderly. As one who intimately understands the power of music, she’s also developing an app, Silver Sonatas. Targeted to seniors, the app will address social isolation through music. With her brother, she has also created a YouTube channel, Eli Oboe, to bring attention to that unique instrument.

In addition to her muscial and technological talents, Eileen is an accomplished public speaker and advocate. Much of this skill is directed to environmental awareness. She is active in the Youth Climate Institute, a club at her school, where she helps raise awareness of climate change and uses her technology talent to promote awareness through social media. She is the treasurer of the school’s Ethics Bowl and a member of the Teen Library Council. And she still found time to co-author two cookbooks about Korean food with her mother and is a teacher’s assistant at Saint Andrew Kim Korean School, efforts that allow her to share her culture and language with others.

“Eileen’s unique blend of musical talent, public speaking prowess, and technological skills makes her a standout individual with potential to make a significant impact in any endeavor she undertakes.” — U Joo Lee, teacher

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