The Face of Fitness


Cornell C. Conaway, Founder

On Instagram @gainz_sportsgear

Gainz Sportsgear is a Baltimore-based manufacturer of elite unique workout equipment and apparel. In 2017, Cornell C. Conaway, a fan of training with workout grips, started the company with his first product, known as Load-N-Lock Grips, making them longer and thicker than other grips on the market. The product line continued to grow from the Gainz Sportsgear Load-N-Lock Grips to triple-blended thumbless workout wrist wraps, powerlifting belts, workout apparel, knee and elbow sleeves, resistance bands, and total body strength bands. A proud moment was designing a custom order for the athletic department at Bowie State University, Conaway’s alma mater. Gainz Sportsgear wrist wraps and knee sleeves are also on the approved gear list for the United States Powerlifting Association and can be found online or in 12 different locations throughout the region.