JA 18 Under 18


KALEIGH HOLTZMANKaleigh is astute with digital platforms, but few use them in such an entrepreneurial and service-orientated way. For fun she created a social media style page, Preppy Closet, that now has over 10,700 followers. She linked it to her Amazon Storefront and now gains passive income while expressing her creativity. These skills were useful when, during lockdown, her service project with Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project in Uganda was derailed. Kaleigh pivoted, creating a website for the charity and linking it to Nyaka Grandmothers Etsy Shop. This online presence raised $3,000 for the organization. Kaleigh gets up early to attend investing classes before school, is an advocate for and volunteer at Camp St. Vincent, a trained harpist and student member of The American Harp Society, and a student athlete in golf and squash. Last year she was accepted to the LPGA Leadership Academy. When Kaleigh isn’t working on her own game, she volunteers at clinics to help other young women cultivate their swing—and their confidence—through golf.

“Entrepreneur, leader, humanitarian, musician, scholar, athlete. Kaleigh is basically a game-changer.” —Karen Beasley, nominator

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