7130 Rutherford Road,
Baltimore, MD 21244

The National Center on Institutions and Alternatives (NCIA) believes that every person is entitled to live a full and productive life, regardless of their ability or past hardship. We work with adults and youth with disabilities, returning citizens, and SNAP recipients. These individuals hold great potential to positively impact their communities.

At NCIA, we’re dedicated to developing quality programs and professional services that advocate timely intervention and unconditional care. Our services include support for housing and individualized and government and commercial contract employment services. The HJH Vocational Training Center provides vocational training and support to veterans, returning citizens, opportunity youth, and those receiving federal assistance.

We operate programs for adults and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The NCIA Employment and Community Inclusion Program provides community, facility-based, and virtual programming for adults age 18 and over, while our Youth In Transition School offers full-day special education and related services programs for students ages 11-21, with autism, emotional disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities.

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