JA 18 Under 18 2024


Sha’Miyae wants other young people to know that they are more than their environment. The eighth grader in Arbutus Middle School created Faithfully Gifted Hearts Inc., an organization to feed people in need, advocate against gun violence, and do other community outreach work like toy, coat, and school supply drives. She funds her work through her pageant winnings—a forum she also uses to talk about her mission—and through donations given from sharing her gift of liturgical dance at churches. She also partners with other organizations and local government officials to amplify her message of anti-violence, the importance of giving to others, and how everyone can make Baltimore City a better place.

“Sha’Miyae leads by example. She talks to her peers to get them to help change their communities and shows how they can help to keep the change going.” —SherWanda Knight, parent

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