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Harbor Peak

Baltimore’s tallest residential building adds luxury apartments and perks to downtown.

The Inner Harbor skyline has a new addition: 414 Light Street, a grand apartment tower that boasts upscale views and amenities, as well as 12,300 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. The 44-story, $160-million high-rise, which opened in August and still has rent-only units available, is now Maryland’s tallest residential building and one of the city’s most expensive living options, with rent ranging from about $1,890 to $8,000 per month. Luxury amenities include dog-walking services, on-demand car wash and detailing, grocery delivery and pantry-stocking services, and smart-house customization. Check out the facts and figures on this record-breaking building.


Building height in feet.


Number of residential units.

1 floor per second

Speed of the elevators


Difference between the price of an average two-bedroom apartment in Baltimore and a two-bedroom apartment at 414 Light Street.


Total square feet.


Percentage of Baltimoreans who can afford a two-bedroom apartment at 414 Light Street based on the city’s income distribution