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Union Duckpin Pale Ale Ranks Among Best in the Country

Paste Magazine recognizes the homegrown brew in blind taste test.

Charm City’s booming craft beer scene scored a win yesterday as Paste Magazine named Union Craft Brewing’s Duckpin Pale Ale one of the best in the country.

On Monday afternoon, Paste revealed that Union’s beloved brew had been ranked No. 39 of the top 50 pale ales in the nation. The Atlanta -based publication, which has become known for its large-scale blind taste tests, acquired 83 beers and ranked its picks for the top 50 based on balance, hop and malt flavor, and overall likability.

“We retain a certain fondness for a good old American pale ale,” the article reads. “How many pints of pale ale have accompanied innumerable burgers, pizzas and nights at the bowling alley? Most drinkers probably don’t think of the style as ‘sexy,’ but it’s dependable. Reliable. Classic. Dignified.”

While other Baltimore brews, including Flying Dog’s Doggie Style and Heavy Seas’ Powder Monkey, were given honorable mentions, Union’s was the only local beer to make the top 50. Duckpin is known for its tropical aroma, pale orange color, and citrus flavors that fuse Northwest and New Zealand hops.

“We were happy to see Duckpin perform so well in the Paste tasting,” says Union co-founder Jon Zerivitz. “We’re really proud of this beer and we’re always excited to see it get some well-deserved attention, especially when judged up against so many awesome brews.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to note about Duckpin’s position on the list is that it falls just below Sierra Nevada, a known game-changer in the evolution of American pale ale.

“We’ve been joking in the brewery that Duckpin’s new tagline is now: Duckpin Pale Ale, it’s one better than Sierra Nevada,” Zerivitz says.