Five Biggest Questions Facing The Orioles In 2018

With spring training just six weeks away, the Orioles have a lot of work to do.

Spring training is six weeks away, and the Baltimore Orioles have a lot of work to do between now and then. Throughout the next several weeks, the shape of the 2018 Orioles should become clearer, but it’s extremely likely that additional pieces will be brought on during spring training.

Here are some of the questions the Orioles must answer as spring training approaches:

1. What will the Orioles do with Manny Machado?

While the Orioles may not be actively shopping their star third baseman, they need to decide where he’ll play if they keep him.

Machado would like a move to shortstop, and that would leave a hole at third base. Do the Orioles try and move Tim Beckham, who they acquired at last July’s non-waiver trading deadline to play shortstop, to third, where he has limited experience?

Or do they make Beckham a super-utility player?

If the Orioles trade Machado in the next several weeks, they’ll have a hole at third base with no obvious successor on hand.

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