Style & Shopping

Artscape Style in Photos

People show off their fashionable side at the annual free arts festival.

Lindsey Murray, 18

“Today I am wearing one of my own shirts and a skirt from Urban Masala by Sehar Peezada. I’m usually in all black or neutral colors, but today I wanted to be a little more fun and funky for Artscape”

“I play five instruments including the oboe, the clarinet, and the upright bass.”

Artscape Chandy

Chandi Kelley, 34

“My romper is from an online store called Swell and my necklace is Madewell. My favorite local place to shop is definitely Hunting Ground.”

“My favorite part of the festival is The Artist Run Art Fair because it represents so many different local galleries. It’s just so fun and quirky, and makes me love Baltimore so much.”

Artscape Brandon

Brandon Hayes, 27

“My shirt was given to me by a friend and I wound up taking it in and doing some things to it. I think his mom bought it for him. My favorite thing at Artscape is mainly the art because I’m an art kid at heart. I draw and make clothing.”

“I didn’t cut my hair once all summer and one lady told me I look like Ice Cube.”

Hanna Ibrahim, 27

“I was thinking that it was hot and I sunburn easily, so I wanted to wear something loose and be covered. This skirt is actually from England and the shirt is a dress from Asos that I just put a skirt on over top.”

“I like all of the variety of art. It’s not just one thing that is visual or musical, it’s everything.”

Artscape Frankie

Frankie Lane, 32

“I was thinking about David Bowie. I heard there was a David Bowie dance party. My favorite song is ‘Moonage Daydream.’ I just used the iron on transfer paper and put it on an old skirt and a t-shirt.”

“I like walking around [Artscape] and seeing what people are wearing.”

Shannon Partrick, 25

“When I was getting dressed this morning, I thought, ‘I can’t wear the same thing I wore yesterday.’ My favorite place to shop locally is Bottle of Bread [in Mt. Vernon].”

“This is my first time actually being here and I’ve been working on this van the whole time, but honestly so many amazing people have come on here and been talking with me—artists, printmakers, and booksellers from all over. I’ve just been meeting really incredible people from the DIY arts world.”

Artscape Barry

Bari Goulbourne, 22

“I am wearing something I got when I was a kid. My friend gave it to me as a symbol of strength and I couldn’t wear it when I was a kid, so now I wear it. The symbol is from an [anime] show that I used to watch called Fooly Cooly.”

“I’ve been told I look like Colin Farrell, Prince, and I’ve even been told I look like Snoop Dogg. That is the funniest one.”

Artscape Rachel

Rachel Morgan, 27

I was thinking that I had to perform with a funk group so I wanted to wear something a little funky that stood out. Locally, I love shopping at Cloud 9. They have a lot of crop tops there.”

“I get Grace Potter frequently, when my bangs are down. I used to get Hilary Duff all the time also. Basically anyone who is blonde.”

Artsape La La

Travis Johnson, 34

“My outfit was picked by my wife. She saw this on Amazon and she got the shirt. Typically we always have the It’s My Skate Night memorabilia on when we go skating just to represent Baltimore skate culture but we wanted to tie it in with the Artscape [outer space] theme.”

“Artscape is a staple of what Baltimore is—it’s a lot of art juice and energies flowing and it’s just inspiring. Just people coming together and showing Baltimore in a positive light.”

Lala Lamb, 23

“My favorite thing about Artscape is just being able to skate. We all have different skate styles and being able to be brought together is the fun thing.”

Artscape Julie

Julie Byrnes, 21

“Everything I’m wearing is thrifted. I went for comfort and color.”

“I’m from Queens, New York. I’m in Baltimore for the summer doing research and it seemed really awesome. I really like the different kinds of people that are here.”

Artscape Stacey

Stacey Chambers, 36

“When I got dressed, I was thinking about heat and heat tolerance. I just like to spread happiness and give good vibes and energy to people.”

“I really love all of the music and there are so many local bands that get a whole new audience based on getting to perform at Artscape.”