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Gift Guide 2018

Give them gifts they really want.

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There’s a temptation as the holidays approach to quickly open your Amazon app and start adding things to your cart until you’ve checked everyone off your list.

But that’s risky. After all, how many times have we received those gifts in the mail and been less than pleased because they were two sizes too small or made of the itchiest fabric? Not to mention the impersonal nature of buying that way. This year, we gathered a carefully curated selection of hand-picked gifts you can find locally, and we’ve broken them into handy categories (like foodie and fitness fanatic) for easy shopping. Because your loved ones deserve more than one click.

Patagonia Houdini jacket ($99) at Princeton Sports.

Under Armour Ignite slides ($34.99) at Princeton Sports.

The North Face seamless bra ($60) at Princeton Sports.

Bandana buff ($20) at REI.

Manduka Pro-lite yoga mat ($82) at REI.

Jade cork yoga block ($14.95) at REI.

Men’s run t-shirt ($27.99) at Charm City Run.

Hoka Clifton women’s running shoes ($130) at Charm City Run.

Nuun tablets ($7/each) at Charm City Run.

Garmin Forerunner 35 watch ($199.99) at Charm City Run.

The North Face fanorak ($79) at Princeton Sports.

Studio gray t-shirt ($32) at Charm City Run.

Trigger Point Grid Stk foam roller ($39.99) at Charm City Run.

The North Face hi-rise print leggings ($75) at Princeton Sports.

Sweaty Band headband ($15) at Charm City Run.

Bit map coasters ($10) at Trohv.

Bowl ($6) at Williams Sonoma.

Julie Stoneware milk jug ($14) at Su Casa.

Matcha tea whisk ($18) at Su Casa.

Pot holder ($7) at Su Casa.

Chocolate bars ($5.99/each) at Ma Petite Shoe.

Salt and pepper fruit ($17) at Trohv.

Portuguese extra-virgin olive oil can ($29.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Patterned plate ($12) at Su Casa.

Assorted pinch bowls ($18) at Becket Hitch.

Wooden muddler ($20) at Becket Hitch.

Copper handed whisk ($24.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Bee topped honey dipper ($4) at Su Casa.

Local honey ($8.95) at Whole Foods.

Baking dish ($17) at Becket Hitch.

Small brass spoon ($14) at Trohv.

Medium brass spoon ($21) at Trohv.

Prep cutting board ($69.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Peach jam ($12) at Becket Hitch.

Strawberry jam ($12) at Becket Hitch.

Zodiac spatulas ($12.95) at Williams Sonoma.

White trivet ($19.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Fish decanter ($9) at Becket Hitch.

Veggie tote ($18) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Pink Himalayan salt ($12.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Pink peppercorns ($12.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Kitchen Confidant book ($12.95) at Becket Hitch.

Olivewood countertop tray ($29.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Cactus measuring spoons ($21) at Trohv.

Open-kitchen stainless steel juicer ($20) at Williams Sonoma.

People person cheese tray ($18) at Trohv.

Bon Appetit kitchen timer ($17) at Su Casa.

Le Creuset signature cast-iron Dutch oven ($149.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Eat Well Live Well book ($29.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Nito square placemat ($24.95) at Williams Sonoma.

Checkered oven mitt ($9) at Becket Hitch.

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Zippee lunch tote ($25) at Trohv.

Dino hand puppet ($22) at Wee Chic.

Heart slippers ($39) at The Pied Piper.

Gummy bear lip gloss ($4/each) at The Pied Piper.

Plan Toys 2-in-1 shuffleboard game ($49.99) at aMuse Toys.

Rainbow water bottle ($20) at Becket Hitch.

Rubbabu medium ball ($7.99) at aMuse Toys.

Twee Sushi rolls chalk ($19.99) at aMuse Toys.

Small robot ($6.50) at Wee Chic.

Gold booties ($30) at The Pied Piper.

Silicone fidget pencil stoppers ($4.99/each) at aMuse Toys.

Hatley dino hoodie ($51) at The Pied Piper.

Appaman earmuffs ($31) at The Pied Piper.

Camo pants ($58) at Wee Chic.

Purrmaid pillow ($16) at Wee Chic.

Monster trucks umbrella ($20) at The Pied Piper.

Science Experiments You Can Eat book ($9.99) at Wee Chic.

Tell Me A Tattoo Story book ($16.99) at Trohv.

Narwhal change purse ($8.99) at Wee Chic.

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Floating Baltimore skyline ($28) at Su Casa.

Talking Out of Turn “Don’t talk to me” mug ($10) at South Moon Under.

Bluebird Morning tea ($9.75) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Wholesome Cleanse tea ($9.75) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Ruler ($20) at Becket Hitch.

Dino planter ($14) at Su Casa.

Artificial air plant ($8) at Su Casa.

Rifle Paper Co. pens ($16/each) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Well Done keyboard planner ($26.50) at Trohv.

Savoy brass letter sorter ($20) at Trohv.

Zeke’s Coffee ($14) at Zeke’s Coffee.

Plaid blanket ($38) at Becket Hitch.

Eagle trinket tray ($13) at Trohv.

Hampden candle ($15.99) at Ma Petite Shoe.

Ceramic succulent ($14) at Su Casa.

2019 day planner ($37) at Trohv.

Rosewood journal ($16) at Brightside Boutique.

Voluspa candle ($28) at Brightside Boutique.

Primitives by Kathy wall hanging ($35) at South Moon Under.

Animal Portraits Calendar ($14.99) at Becket Hitch.

Bulleit bourbon ($34.99) at The Wine Source.

Pistola Tracy jacket ($148) at Sassanova.

Circular brass frame ($19.99) at Trohv.

American & Beyond velvet beaded fringe clutch ($58) at South Moon Under.

Lucite square dangle earrings ($30) at Sassanova.

Talisman room spray ($29) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Rewined champagne soap bar ($12) at Su Casa.

Rewined rosé soap bar ($12) at Su Casa.

Gerard Cosmetics Audrey star powder highlighter ($36) at South Moon Under.

Pearl statement necklace ($28) at Sassanova.

Nova gold claw clip ($6) at South Moon Under.

Agate bottle stopper ($20) at Becket Hitch.

Brixton burnt orange beret ($48) at Brightside Boutique.

Touch In Sol Eldora metallic liquid foil & glitter shadow duo ($25) at South Moon Under.

Bath fizzies ($8/each) at Match Made Boutique.

Crushed velvet booties ($149.99) at Ma Petite Shoe.

Le Pouch leopard shearling bag ($158) at Sassanova.

OPI nail polish ($8.69/each) at Target.

Geode bracelet ($36) at Sassanova.

Gold cuff ($28) at Sassanova.

Volupsa 3 wick decorative tin candle ($22) at South Moon Under.

Varsity Vee sweater ($163) at Sassanova.

Reserve Des Bertrands Elegance rosé ($17.99) at The Wine Source.

Gold ruffle frame ($25) at Becket Hitch.

Bandana scrunchie tie ($12) at South Moon Under.

Kathryn belt fanny pack ($24) at Tobi.

Taupe double buckle belt ($28) at Match Made Boutique.

Adele navy sequin embroidered headband ($13) at Tobi.

Rose gold pompom crossbody bag ($138) at Sassanova.

Gray porter candle holder ($15.95/each) at South Moon Under.

Room spray ($26) at Becket Hitch.

Clear lucite bangle ($38) at Sassanova.

Amber lucite bangle ($38) at Sassanova.

Hey Taxi gray plaid cab hat ($10) at Tobi.

Marc Fisher Zalaly leopard heels ($175) at Sassanova.

Ten Tree Juniper hoodie ($68) at REI.

Habanero sauce ($6) at REI.

Serrano sauce ($6) at REI.

Spark Adventure matches ($12.95) at Trohv.

Backpacker National Hikes ($26) at REI.

REI Nalgene Clementine water bottle ($10.95) at REI.

Wool socks ($19.99) at Ma Petite Shoe.

Bear desk dish ($21) at Trohv.

Columbia Silver Ridge flannel shirt ($65) at REI.

Campfire games ($28) at Becket Hitch.

REI trail supplies camp mug ($19.95) at REI.

Great Outdoors playing cards ($15.95) at Trohv.

Rite in the Rain notepad ($6) at REI.

REI Co-op Tarn 18 pack ($39.95) at Princeton Sports.

Juniper trivet ($34) at Becket Hitch.

Lodge cast iron skillet ($15.95) at REI.

Ten Tree beanie ($28) at Princeton Sports.

Fury Bros. Ranger premium candle ($30) at Trohv.

Kerchief bear bib ($22) at Trohv.

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Mytagalongs jewelry organizer case ($22) at South Moon Under.

Keds x Kate Spade New York Ace leather glitter sneaker ($90) at Keds.

Pistil Matea scarf ($38) at REI.

Wild Honey fuzzy crew neck sweater ($68) at Match Made Boutique.

Hold Me beer koozie ($6) at Brightside Boutique.

Tiny Plant Creations succulent ($15) at Match Made Boutique.

Amika perk up dry shampoo ($10) at South Moon Under.

Nova velvet stripe scrunchies ($14) at South Moon Under.

Primitives by Kathy Get Cozy pillow ($30) at South Moon Under.

Astrology candles ($16/each) at Brightside Boutique.

“I Am Very Busy” water bottle ($28) at Brightside Boutique.

Bath sugar cubes ($24) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Sleep mask ($8.75) at Becket Hitch.

Marbled notebook ($12) at Brightside Boutique.

Nail RX kit ($32) at Trohv.

Unicorn slipper socks ($19.99) at Ma Petite Shoe.

410 hat ($32) at South Moon Under.

Color block tea tray ($8) at Su Casa.

Face masks ($6/each) at South Moon Under.

Dog mat ($12.99) at Dogma.

Turbo mop balls ($1.49/each) at Dogma.

Dog dish ($10) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Slow chow feeder ($15.99) at Dogma.

A Tail Lead leash ($38) at Dogma.

Sheepskin bone ($7.99) at Dogma.

Cat zip pouch ($13) at In Watermelon Sugar.

Rope brontosaurus ($17.99) at Dogma.

Tuxedo shirt ($15) at Dogma.

Collaps-a-bowl water bowl ($10.99) at Howl.

Adopted bandana ($16) at Trohv.

Cat bowl ($16) at Dogma.

Proud bandana ($16) at Trohv.

Spot leather raccoon toy ($5.99) at Howl.

Bocces Dog unicorn shake treats ($5.99) at Howl.

Bocces Dog banana split treats ($5.99) at Howl.

Banana cat nip toy ($14.99) at Dogma.

Posh Pet treat container ($14.99) at Dogma.

Dog collar ($23) at Dogma.

Wire and Dine pet bowls ($77.99) at Dogma.

You are a Badass ($16) at The Ivy Bookshop.

Crazy Rich Asians ($16) at Greedy Reads.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark ($27.99) at Greedy Reads.

Home. The Elements of Decorating ($24.99) at The Ivy Bookshop.

Circe ($27) at The Ivy Bookshop.

Clock Dance ($26.95) at Greedy Reads.

On the Other Side of Freedom ($25) at The Ivy Bookshop.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: In Her Own Words ($18) at The Ivy Bookshop.

Little People Big Dreams: Rosa Parks ($14.99) at Greedy Reads.

Writers and their Cats ($16.95) at Greedy Reads.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Last Interview ($15.99) at Greedy Reads.

All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The Wire ($27) at Greedy Reads.

The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers ($30) at Greedy Reads.

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