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Psychic Readings – Top 3 Sites to Find Answers & Receive Valuable Insight

Here are the top 3 sites that offer Online Psychic Reading Services via phone, email and chat to give you a glimpse of your future
By Green Living

Of all the methods of self-improvement, psychic readings are by far not only the most complicated but are also met with the most cynicism. Psychic readings, especially free online psychic readings, are often stereotyped for being unrealistic and disingenuous. This stereotype is the crux of the major misunderstandings that surround readings, no matter what form they take. Many fail to understand that a psychic reading is not designed to predict your future as much as it is designed to give you information about what you may not completely know about a specific topic. The overall goal of any given psychic reading in any form is to not only give you insight on a particular topic of your life, but also get you to notice patterns in this topic that you might not have noticed. A psychic reading can also explore past events that fall under that topic that influence other areas of your life and how you make decisions.

There are dozens of methods to conduct readings and things can get complicated when it comes to which kind of psychic reading is best for the type of area of your life you want insight on, as well as how you interact with each different psychic reading. Indeed, the best way to explore readings is to learn about each kind of psychic reading, what it entails, and create a preference based on that. This is how you can get the most out of an in-person or online psychic reading.

As a whole, exploring the metaphysical world for the first time can be intimidating and it is easy to be cynical about it. You will be surprised, however, at how effective online psychics are and you would be even more surprised at how much you can get from an inexpensive or even free psychic reading online. This all begins with familiarizing yourself with different psychic reading services that provide a network of psychic advisors to see what they offer.

How Did We Make Our List of the Best Online Psychic Services?

There are dozens of different online psychic reading services in existence. However, a good amount of these providers are problematic in that they have too many psychic readers in their network who simply do not deliver on the promises they make. These sub-par psychic services can also have readers and other practitioners who are far too extravagant in their presentation. While presentation is somewhat important when it comes to psychic readers who belong to the network set up by the online psychic reading service provider, there is a line that can easily be crossed and a lot of networks that cross this line can leave a lot to be cynical about.

Therefore, the overall image of the readers and practitioners in the network of advisors was the first thing we looked for when creating our choices for the best online psychic reading service providers. We made sure that practitioners and readers in the networks were able to balance between being just extravagant enough in their presentation but not too extravagant.

Diversity of services is important when it comes to an online psychic reading platform, and this is the next thing that we factored into creating this list. Different individuals have different preferences when it comes to readings at large and this is something that separates quality psychic reading services from those who don’t perform as well.

Pricing options is something else that was highly considered when we created this list. We made sure that not only did each network contain different services, but also different price points for these services. This allows for those who are both new and familiar with psychic readings to have plenty of options. As an aside, all three of our selections for best online psychic service provide at least a few minutes free psychic reading as a trial.

The final thing we looked for when creating this list was accessibility. We made sure that there were plenty of options to do any kind of reading online and offline. There is a higher demand for online delivery of these services than ever before and we made sure that the psychic reading networks we selected offered the best online psychic reading services.

These were all qualities that we knew separated online psychic reading services that provide networks of readers that are reputable and effective from services with psychics who promise too much and deliver too little. Here are three selected psychic reading services with professional psychics whom you can rely on whether you are new to psychic readings or know what kinds of readings work best for you.

Top 3 Psychic Reading Networks – A Summary

  1. Keen: Editor’s Choice – Contains a unique matching system that finds a proper psychic reader that fits your preferences.
  2. Kasamba: Contains uncommon but very effective forms of readings
  3. Mysticsense: Most cost-effective psychic reading network

Top 3 Psychic Reading Services

1. Keen: The perfect beginner’s introduction to online psychic readings


  • Easily allows those who are new to psychic readings to find a form of reading and a reader that fits their preferences
  • Many different readers and forms of readings for a variety of areas of life
  • Informative video guides for those who are new to readings
  • Features various free content on many subjects involving readings and readers


  • Matching system may be too simple for those who are experienced in psychic readings

Knowing which psychic readings and which psychic readers are best for you can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating for anybody who is new to them. This is perhaps the one thing that drives many who are new to psychic readings online away from them. Simply browsing among psychic readers in a network can intimidate and overwhelm you with options to the point where you will be turned off.

Keen solves this by including a matching system that lines you up with certain psychic readers after entering in what kind of area of your life you want to improve and what kind of psychic reading you are interested in. This, along with a free psychic reading for 3 minutes, makes Keen perfect for anybody who is new to the mystical arts.

In most cases, you’ll be matched up with not just one, but several experts when you finish the very short survey in Keen’s matching system for online psychic readings. All you need to do at the end of it is enter an email address and even that is optional. Keen’s been in this business for 20 years and few are better at it than they are.

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2. Kasamba: A pleasant introduction to uncommon but effective psychic readings


  • Has a quality mix of common and uncommon psychic readers and readings
  • Provides psychic readers not only for certain areas of your life but also particular aspects within these life areas
  • Features online or offline sessions with any psychic in the network
  • One-time discount of $50 is added to new sessions along with the standard free psychic reading for 3 minutes


  • Total online psychics at one time are limited, often only displaying about 50 at any given time across all kinds of psychic readings

Most online psychic readings services provide a network of dozens if not hundreds of different psychic advisors, which could be great, except the majority of readers available on most platforms practice the same rather common kinds of readings. Those who are familiar with psychic readings who choose to pursue specific kinds of readings are usually greatly challenged when it comes to finding a network for online psychic readings that contains spiritual advisors who specialize in readings in particular areas.

The psychic readers who participate in Kasamba’s network provide an answer for these kinds of individuals. It contains psychics who either specialize in or are familiar with psychic readings that are not found through other networks. If you couldn’t find a psychic who specializes in a particular area on other online psychic reading platforms, you’ll likely find one in Kasamba’s network.

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3. Mysticsense: Extremely cost-effective psychics designed for newcomers


  • Psychics in network charge as low as $2 per minute
  • Offers 5 minutes free psychic readings instead of the industry standard of 3
  • Filters allow you to browse psychics to fit your exact preferences
  • Website contains a strong wealth of free content


  • Very few psychics have a well-developed track record

Understandably, price point can easily be one of the most intimidating aspects of any given psychic service. With experts being priced at as much as $30 per minute, anyone who is new to or who is just curious about the mystical arts will easily be turned off by how much they may need to pay. The psychics under Mysticsense’s network are designed for anybody who is curious about any kind of psychic reading, and the price schedules reflect this. Not only will you be able to find psychics who charge as little as $2 per minute on Mysticsense, but they offer 5 free minutes instead of the usual 3 when speaking to psychics in their network.

Something else about Mysticsense that separates it from other online psychic reading platforms is that it makes the search for a perfect entry-level psychic easy. With not only options that allow you to sort through the different psychics in the network but also filtering methods, along with the 5 minutes of a free psychic reading, you’ll be able to find a psychic that is perfect for you, especially if you are just curious.

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Different Types of Psychics

There is a lot more to psychic reading than what it is stereotyped as. Various forms of psychic readings go well beyond getting your fortune told or getting a tarot card reading, which are easily the most common types of readings. There are many more psychics and psychic readings than this, and they deserve to be explored. We’ll start with the most common first.

Fortune Telling

This is easily the most common type of psychic advisor. They are what nearly everybody stereotypes a psychic reading to be. Different from what you might have been told or what you might believe, fortune telling does not entail the reader staring into a crystal ball and directly predicting your future. This is probably the furthest thing from what a fortune telling psychic reader actually does.

What fortune teller advisors actually do is gather some information about the area of your life you are most interested in, then use that information to make a prediction about what could or may happen in the future based on what you told them. The level of direct mysticism here is not the highest.

Tarot Card Reading

The second most common psychic is one who does tarot card readings. There are dozens of ways to perform tarot card readings. Some of these tarot readings are very simple and are designed for those who are new to the world of psychic readings. These basic tarot readings are perfect for anyone who just wants to explore it for fun.

Those who are more serious about what they want in their reading will get a lot out of the more complicated tarot readings. These readings take a long time and involve several cards in both the minor and major arcana and they are designed for the reader to come up with very clear visions for the individuals they are reading to.


One of the biggest challenges in anyone’s life is the ability to accept the loss of a loved one. This is especially true if one has questions that have been unanswered for the individual who just passed. Psychic mediums exist to solve these specific problems.

Being able to communicate with spirits of those who just passed and combining this with basic mental health counseling, mediums are able to reach out to anybody who you have lost who you may not have total closure with. Think of psychic mediums as those who can take certain information you tell them about your loved one who just passed and combine it with their own ability to communicate with spirits of those who have passed to finally provide some much needed closure between yourself and your lost loved one.

Mediums have been scoffed at by nearly anyone who is even remotely cynical about the metaphysical world. They have even been scoffed at by other psychics for being a little too much on the mystical side even for them. However, the most gifted psychic mediums are capable of bringing closure between anyone and a deceased loved one – as far-fetched as it may sound to all the skeptics out there.

Dream Analysis

You can gain a lot of information about almost any given area of your life just by remembering what kinds of dreams you are having. Those who work in the psychology field have known this for years, and there also exist spiritual advisors who specialize in analyzing dreams as well. This also has the potential to have a very positive affect on your psychic readings.

A proper and effective dream analysis will require some effort on your part. You’ll need to be able to recall the kinds of dreams you have, whether they repeat themselves or not, and how relevant you think they might be in the area of your life you desire a psychic reading for. However, the results of an effective dream analysis will give you insight that you wouldn’t have considered under any other psychic reading.

Rune Casting

A relatively new and even rare psychic reading, rune casting is similar to a tarot reading in that it utilizes objects to assist in a reading – tarot readings use cards, rune castings use runes. The psychic advisor arranges certain runes together as they relate to any given area of your life to provide a reading. This is what a basic rune casting entails. Think of rune castings as an alternative to tarot. Consider one if you are already familiar with tarot readings but haven’t found exactly what you want out of a reading yet. Chances are good that you’ll find what you are looking for in a psychic reading when you get a rune casting instead of a tarot reading.

No matter which kind of psychic reading you are interested in, you need to know how to prepare for one properly. Let’s explore how to do exactly that next, so that you can get the most out of the psychic reading that you are interested in.

How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

There are a number of things that you need to do to prepare for a psychic reading. Doing these will not only ensure that you get the most out of your psychic reading, but will also streamline many aspects of your impending reading. These preparations won’t require much effort on your part but this is also why they can be so easily overlooked.

  1. Remove any amount of cynicism you may have about psychic readings
  2. Come up with a list of questions you have for the psychic reader as it pertains to the reading
  3. Make sure you are free of distractions


  1. Remove cynicism

It is completely understandable to be cynical about psychic readings if you are new to them. This is because readings utilize mysticism that can easily appear to be speculation over doing whatever is necessary to come up with other kinds of predictions about the area of your life that you are interested in.

It may be difficult, but you will need to remove this kind of cynicism when preparing for a psychic reading, allowing yourself to buy into whatever your psychic reader of choice is presenting to you. Although you do not necessarily need to believe what the reader is saying as if it was the one and only “gospel” truth, you should definitely open your mind to what they are presenting. Removing this kind of cynicism allows your psychic advisor to explore every concern you may have not only with the subject of the reading itself, but it will also allow the reader to explore particular concerns about the topic of your reading.

  1. Come up with good questions revolving your reading

Let’s say you go into an online psychic reading about your love life, wondering if the advisor you are working with can give you some insight about when you will meet your next partner. Topics such as these are extremely vague and you will need to be prepared with particular questions that pertain to the subject.

Building on this topic of love life, you should go beyond asking about superficial information about this potential partner, such as the color of their hair, their race, their age, or any other surface quality. What you should be asking is where or how you will meet this potential partner, how your conversation with them will start, what time of day or year it will be, among other things.

Coming up with proper questions is a common mistake that many who are new to readings make. They are either too vague or they are not asking about the correct subjects within the topic. This leads to underwhelming psychic reading experiences which are very disappointing for anyone who is new to the mystical arts. You’ll get the most out of your psychic readings if you are just a little creative with your questions.

  1. Remove any and all distractions

There are a lot of similarities between psychic readings and counseling sessions. Both of them revolve around areas of your life where you desire answers and both of them entail a series of revelations about said areas of your life. Just as you would under no circumstances allow yourself to be distracted when going to a counseling session, you should do the same with a psychic reading.

Whether it’s online psychics or psychic readings by phone, you need to make sure that you are free of distractions during the session. Despite what you might believe, psychic readers need to concentrate a lot during their readings. Distractions will reduce the overall quality of their reading by interrupting them.

Distractions are more and more relevant the more complicated the readings are. If your reader is performing a Celtic Cross tarot spread, an intense dream analysis, or any other reading that requires a lot of concentration on their part, a single distraction can and will disrupt the entire reading, lengthening the reading itself and costing both you and the reader.

Choosing an Online Psychic vs a Local Psychic

Performing psychic readings online or providing psychic readings by phone has become much more commonplace, and this has changed most of the psychic reading industry. Choosing  online psychics for “distance” readings or a local one to visit in person is ultimately a matter of preference because an online psychic reading or a phone reading can be just as effective, and sometimes even more so, than an in-person session. That said, there are specific qualities about each that stand out in different ways.

Here are a few benefits associated with working with online psychics or via a phone call, or working in person with a local advisor to help you to decide for yourself which would work better for you.

  • Online psychics are very convenient

Most local psychics have very limited hours. This is because most of them perform readings outside of whatever job they themselves need to go to. Scheduling a meeting with a local psychic can be a challenge for both yourself and the psychic. You can usually schedule an online psychic reading at your convenience.

  • Online psychics usually have more specializations

Although local psychics are not completely devoid of specialized readings, they are still somewhat limited despite being trained to perform most kinds of readings. However, your choices are seemingly unlimited when it comes to online psychics. Go on any given platform that provides psychic readings online and you’ll be able to find psychics who specialize in anything you need.

  • Online readings give major discounts for first readings

Local readers and online psychics differ the most when it comes to pricing. Local readers incentivize future business while online psychics will usually give you plenty of incentive to schedule a first session (including free psychic readings), allowing you to save much more money on your first scheduled online reading.

  • Visits with a local psychic can yield stronger relationships

Again, it is useful to compare a psychic reading to a counseling session here. When you see the same counselor in the same office on a regular basis, it will eventually feel like a second home. The counselor you see will appear more and more like somebody you have known and trusted for a long time, as well.

The same is true with local psychics. When you see the same psychic advisor repeatedly, you’ll begin to develop a relationship with them that can be of much better quality than one that could be developed at a distance.

  • With in-person sessions, you’ll likely save money on repeat visits

Meeting with a professional for an online psychic reading more than once usually means you’ll pay the same amount as the prior session. While most online psychics do offer discounts for those who are going into a session for the first time, most of these discounts are only for a first session and they do not carry over. Most local psychics give visitors a very good incentive in the form of discounts in order to get them to keep coming.

  • Local psychics can make first readings much less intimidating

Going to your very first psychic reading is intimidating and confusing. Getting an online psychic reading can sometimes make this more confusing because of how tight the time constraints can be. Having a confusing conversation with your psychic as you watch the time tick by online can easily make you worry about how much you will need to spend on this first session. Local psychics are usually patient and can work with you to spend extra time answering any questions you may have before your reading.

The Final Word: Connections Between Psychic Readings and Mental Health Counseling

Although you may not believe it, there are certainly connections between psychic readings and counseling with the intention of improving your mental health. A good example of this has to do with affirmations. Most counselors encourage their patients to use affirmations, which actually are rooted in mystic practices.

Most consult with psychic readers for the same reasons they consult therapists. They are unsure about an area of their life, want some answers and some insight that they are not getting on their own or from anyone important to them, so they go to somebody who can show them some kind of way to improve in whatever area in their life they want answers for. The most significant difference between going to a psychic reader and going to a counselor has to do with predictions. No mental health counselor can provide these kinds of predictions. This makes psychic readers a little more actionable than counselors.

The best thing you can do is to combine both of these. When you do this, you will see major improvements in any area of your life, provided you can take action on the information that you get from both psychic readings and counseling.