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Radcliffe Engaged Couple of the Month: Lauren & Andrew

Read how this well-traveled couple likes to stay on the move.

Radcliffe Engaged Couple of the Month: Lauren & Andrew

Read how this well-traveled couple likes to stay on the move.
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How did you meet?
We initially met through a mutual friend many years ago and remained acquaintances within our social group. We reconnected at a friend’s birthday party and ended up talking with one another for over two hours before a music show later that night. In the days after the show, we started hanging out with one another more often and began developing a deep friendship that turned into the best partnership either of us could have imagined finding. Now, over four years later, we are planning our wedding!

Please describe the proposal.
I have always been a runner and, when Andrew and I first started dating, I was training for my first full marathon. I would go for long runs and he would pass by me in his car and yell out the window, “You’re not better than me.” Eventually, I talked him into going on a few short runs with me and when I ran my first full marathon, he ran his first half marathon. After that, it became a common bond and we expanded into doing triathlons together. He proposed to me after he crossed the finish line at the Baltimore Triathlon. He had carried the ring throughout the entire race, and after spending a few moments to catch his breath, took mine away by getting down on one knee.

-Jordan August Photography

What was the first thing you did after you got engaged?
The very first thing I did after he proposed was ask if I was dreaming. I had raced the day before and was still exhausted after two early mornings. After I pinched myself, we called my dad to let him know we were engaged. Then we went to his parents’ house and acted like we had a good day at the race until his mom finally realized I had a ring on my finger, then everyone broke out into tears of joy.

Have you picked a date? Venue? Theme?
We are getting married at the Grand on November 30, 2019. We both love classical architecture and found the venue most fitting for our style. Although we don’t have a theme, I’m sure we will incorporate our love of travel by using small touches.

What is something you and your fiancé like to do together?
We have already done so much together, and we are so grateful for one another, so that is a tough question. We want to continue traveling as much as possible, but our biggest goal together is to hopefully complete an Ironman race in the coming years.

Will you be taking a honeymoon? If so, where, and why did you pick that destination?
This was the first question all of our friends and family asked us since we travel so often. However, it’s probably the only part of our wedding we are uncertain of yet. We have already been to so many places, so we want to make this trip extra special. Luckily, we travel incredibly well together and are open to last-minute trips, so we aren’t in a rush to book something. We’ve tossed a few ideas around and will eventually land on something great.

What is a fun fact about you as a couple?
What most people are impressed by is we’ve visited 18 countries in the four years we’ve been dating. However, the fact that we are most proud of is that, together, we’ve finished countless races and triathlons and continue to push one another to keep going for more.

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