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Success In Relieving Stress

Here’s a case study on creating the perfect haven at home.

By Owings Brothers Contracting

Success In Relieving Stress

Here’s a case study on creating the perfect haven at home.

By Owings Brothers Contracting

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For Sara Stevens, it’s another long day at the office. Arriving home late and too tired to go out for a meal, the busy executive resorts to leftovers with a mystery sell-by date. Like many, Sara is on duty close to 24–7, solving problems on her commute and working from home after hours. Which means finding time to unwind is nearly impossible—vacations are hard to schedule and, when taken, often turn into remote work.

The solution? Create your escape at home. And it was after spending a Saturday afternoon at her favorite spa that she had her aha moment.

Sara realized a master suite and spa bathroom would make the perfect retreat, her own special place to relieve tensions and process the day’s events with a clear mind.

Come on in, the water’s fine

Sara’s next step was to start plotting her own at-home luxury spa experience. As she researched contractors, online reviews and portfolios of completed work were her top considerations. She interviewed multiple businesses, but they did not understand her vision, nor did they meet her budget.

After months of frustration and disappointment, she discovered Owings Brothers Contracting. In a last attempt, she reached out to their experts and was pleasantly surprised. The owners at Owings Brothers understood her ideas, why she needed such a room in her home, and how to deliver the best experience within her budget.

At the Owings Brothers Design Studio, her personal design team prepared all options in one place, working within her hectic schedule. Designers presented finished selections and 3D renderings to provide a realistic picture of her future spa-like bathroom. All possible features were considered, and Sara’s bathroom retreat began to take shape.

The Checklist

First of all, there was the tub to consider. Jetted or not? Whirlpool baths offer the most in massage therapy for sore muscles and joints. The newest technology takes the standard jetted tub and fits it with stress-relieving aromatherapy, waterproof audio features, underwater chromotherapy lighting, and more.

For a softer massage and more relaxing experience, she could opt for an air bathtub. The remote-control water movement comes from multiple places within the bottom and sides and the various settings range from a constant bubble to a wave, or even a pulse.

Sara realized a master suite and spa bathroom would make the perfect retreat.

If a traditional, relaxing soaking experience is the goal, a vintage claw-foot design or slipper tub is always a great option. They are made in a variety of materials and models to fit any design dream and create the ultimate soaking experience.

Then there’s the shower to consider, and Sara wanted custom, state-of-the-art technology. Many modern shower systems have electronic controls to set spray, water use, music, steam, and temperature, offering the best in therapeutic experiences. Other features include rain shower heads, body sprays with invigorating water pressure for massage, and walk-in convenience that is both visually beautiful and low-maintenance.

But then how about the cabinetry? Many homeowners are choosing a single-sink vanity that allows a larger surface area and less plumbing. This also expands the available storage space inside the cabinets. Sara added linen tower cabinets for easy access to towels and candles for the times she needs to unwind.

Just what the doctor ordered

Her own personal spa was just the ticket: Each night, Sara comes home from a stressful day, but unlike many of her colleagues, she shows up at the office the next morning feeling energized and ready to attack the work day. She now spends her evenings destressing with the flicker of candle light, a glass of wine, and aromatherapy. She sleeps better, is more productive at work, and, quite simply, has a better quality of life.

And the success of the project had everything to do with the know-how behind the design and installation.

Now celebrating 35 years of mastering purpose-built home remodels, Owings Brothers guarantees every remodel. And as Sara quickly discovered, one of the many things that sets Owings Brothers apart is that the owner of the company is involved in every project. That’s because their family name is their brand—so their primary objective is to give clients the family treatment.

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