At The Station

The Baltimore County shopping center embraces change.

By Hilary Geisbert - August 2014

Changes at Green Spring Station

The Baltimore County shopping center embraces change.

By Hilary Geisbert - August 2014

-Photography by David Colwell

The 35-year-old Green Spring Station seems to be aging quite well, thank you, embracing new ideas and stores, like Wee Chic’s recent move/expansion and the introduction of trendy gift and home store Becket Hitch. 

“While we continue to service a mature market, we also are actively inviting a younger person to the Station,” says Tom Peddy, co-owner of Foxleigh Enterprises, the family-run development entity that manages Green Spring Station. “The new stores we are adding are specifically targeting a younger, fashion-conscious market.” 

Kohli Flick, owner of Becket Hitch, which opened in April, says that the Station has always been on her radar. “When I was looking for retail space, I wanted an established shopping center, a sense of community. It’s an exciting time to be here,” she says. 

The Station rarely has openings for new stores, so when it happens, Peddy looks for “youthful enthusiasm with experience,” and saw that in Flick. “Many of our stores are [run by] first-time owners, but they all came to us with a vision,” he says. “Kohli Flick had been a buyer for a successful store [Hampden’s Trohv], and it was her turn for ownership.”

“The Peddys have been big supporters from the beginning, and when this space came up, they were really encouraging,” says Bridget Stickline, owner of Wee Chic. “We are really excited about the move—we’re trying to do something that no one else is doing.” 

Stickline explains that the larger space will allow for more clothing, as well as the introduction of kids’ furniture, a “candy bar,” and “The Room,” which holds parenting-themed events and classes. “This is a lot of change at once for Green Spring,” Stickline says, “but it’s all very positive change.”

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-Photography by David Colwell

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