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Chef Cindy Wolf Talks James Beard, Julia Child, and Home Cooking

The Charleston co-owner and executive chef joins the podcast to talk about her illustrious career in food.

Back in March of 2015, Baltimore magazine food and dining editor Jane Marion profiled Chef Cindy Wolf, co-owner and executive chef at Charleston in Harbor East. Wolf talked candidly about her upbringing, her two cancer scares, and her three James Beard Award nominations.

We wanted to catch up with the well-known chef to find out what’s happened since. Of course, she’s been named a James Beard Award finalist a few more times, continued to update and modernize the menu at Charleston, and remained an advocate for female chefs in what can be a male-dominated industry.

“I’m very excited that women recognize that this can be a career for them,” Wolf says on the podcast. “And the more women in the business, the less issues there will be for women in the business as there will be more of a balance.”

The chef also shares a very special memory of cooking for and meeting the legendary Julia Child (“she, of course, wanted to have wine with lunch”) and we ask her a lightning-round worth of questions including her ultimate guilty pleasure foods and ideal last meal on earth.