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Lane Harlan and Carlos Raba Discuss Food Culture at Clavel

The owner and executive chef talk Mexican culture, ceviche recipes, and future plans.

On this month’s podcast, we revisit a Baltimore magazine article from January 2017, in which we profiled the life and times of Lane Harlan, owner of W.C. Harlan and Bar Clavel. When Harlan opened the speakeasy-style W.C. Harlan in 2013, and then Clavel in 2015, most Baltimoreans couldn’t locate Remington on a map, and they certainly couldn’t pronounce words like aguachile, lengua, ceviche, mezcal, and fundido.

But thanks to her and Chef Carlos Raba, it didn’t take long for Charm City’s denizens to learn the lingo and develop an affinity for two of the coolest hangouts in Baltimore. We catch up with the duo to hear about Clavel’s expanded cevicheria, new mezcal tasting bar, plans for a beer garden, and sharing Mexican culture through food.

Plus, Chef Raba shares some of his ceviche drawings (that he creates on his phone!) that come to life on his plates at Clavel.