NPower Maryland

1101 West Pratt Street, Suite 1A, Baltimore, MD 21223

In our current economy, few things are quite as valuable as an education in tech. In fact, more than 50 percent of all jobs now require some degree of technology and digital skill. NPower Maryland’s goal is to give veterans, military spouses, and young adults from underserved communities an opportunity to enter into and thrive in today’s tech-centric workforce.

Through free technical training and skill-building, industry-recognized tech certifications, social services support, professional development, and mentorship, the nonprofit organization allows participants to gain invaluable insight on succeeding in the world of IT. Upon completion, graduates are ready to thrive in a business environment and begin high-quality tech careers.

Rooted in community, NPower Maryland has changed the lives of countless individuals in and around the Baltimore area. More than 85 percent of graduates represent traditionally underrepresented groups in tech—32 percent of grads are women, for example— indicating how NPower Maryland unlocks the digital career door for those who never had a key.

With nearly 700 graduates to date, more than 80 percent have obtained industry-recognized IT certificates and around 70 percent have gone on to find employment in various tech-related roles. By completing the program, NPower Maryland graduates obtain an average salary of $41,620—which is a whopping 290 percent increase in income on average.

As the amount of new technology-oriented jobs in the U.S. continues to multiply (and is estimated to grow to 13 million by 2025 according to a recent Microsoft Data Science report), NPower Maryland wants to prepare Baltimore’s workforce to thrive in these positions.

By providing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a tech career path—along with industry recognized IT certificates—NPower Maryland continues to grow and foster a community of experienced graduates who remain in demand with the rise of local tech jobs.

To learn more about how to get involved or donate, visit the NPower Maryland website or contact the organization directly at 443-863-7252.