Edited by Max Weiss

Written by Ron Cassie, Janelle Erlichman Diamond, Rachel Hinch, Jane Marion, and Lydia Woolever with Lauren Cohen, J.M. Giordano, Grace Hebron, Suzanne Loudermilk, Christianna McCausland, Corey McLaughlin, Amy Scattergood, and Mike Unger

Photography by Schaun Champion, Mike Morgan, Philip Muriel, Christopher Myers, Matt Roth, Scott Suchman, Justin Tsucalas, Tyrone Syranno Wilkens, and Micah E. Wood

Handlettering by Lienke Raben | Spot Illustrations by Emily Joynton

Best of Baltimore

Best of Baltimore 2023

Our annual celebration of the best that Charm City has to offer.

Edited by Max Weiss

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Sure, there are bigger cities and fancier cities and more famous ones, but is there any city on earth that combines Baltimore’s creativity, personality, quirkiness, and grit? (A resounding no to that.) Of course, we at Baltimore are committed to basking in the wonder of this town (yes, that includes pointing out some of its warts). But this issue is special. It’s our designated love letter to the city we adore and just can’t stop crowing about. We spent the whole year looking for the best of the best—in Food, Drink, Home, Lifestyle, and more—and we’re thrilled to share the results with you. We hope you use this issue as your guide to get out and partake in everything Charm City has to offer. Did we mention that there’s no other city like it?

Food & Drink

Best of: Food

Edited by Jane Marion with Amy Scattergood, Mike Unger, Lauren Cohen, and Suzanne Loudermilk
Arts & Culture

Best of: Arts

By Lydia Woolever

Best of: Fun

Edited by Max Weiss with Lauren Cohen, Janelle Erlichman Diamond, J.M. Giordano, Grace Hebron, Christianna McCausland, Corey McLaughlin, and Lydia Woolever
Home & Living

Best of: Home

Edited by Janelle Erlichman Diamond with Christianna McCausland
Style & Shopping

Best of: Lifestyle

Edited by Rachel Hinch with Janelle Erlichman Diamond
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