Readers' Poll Results

Crab Cake Clash Readers’ Poll Results

The results are in! Your favorite ingredients for the best crab cake platter are...

For Marylanders, crab cake recipes are as safely guarded as heirloom jewelry or the last available parking space in Federal Hill. And just as heated are the debates about what exactly makes the perfect crab cake platter—how do you prepare it, what should come on the side, and, maybe most importantly, how should it be seasoned?

In conjunction with our July crab cakes issue, we put these ingredients in a claw-to-claw battle so you can determine what makes the ultimate Maryland crab cake platter. See what our readers picked below, then check out our editors’ list of the 25 Best Crab Cakes in the Baltimore area.

The Filler

Breadcrumbs = 51%
Crackers = 49%

The Method

Broiled = 84%
Fried = 16%

The Carbs

Kaiser Roll = 32%
Saltines = 68%

The Garnish

Lemon Wedge = 67%
Parsley Sprig = 33%

The Sauce

Cocktail Sauce = 43%
Tartar Sauce = 57%

The Spice

J.O. Spice = 11%
Old Bay = 89%

The Side

Coleslaw = 49%
Fries = 51%

The Drink

Beer = 56%
Iced Tea = 44%