Ravens Watch

Et tu, Under Armour?

Sure it's petty, but those Tom Brady commercials stung a bit.

What’s the only thing worse than one Tom Brady on your screen? Hundreds of thousands of Tom Bradys, doing some sort of infinite fitness drill, in the midst of a Ravens loss. And yet, that’s what Baltimore (and presumably the rest of the country) was treated to with Under Armour’s new “Rule Yourself” commercial featuring Mr. Deflate Gate himself. Look, we all knew that Tom Brady had signed with Under Armour back in 2010 and we all made peace with it (after all, dude can’t live on Uggs endorsements alone). But there was something about seeing our hometown brand, a source of incredible local pride, flaunting that Brady connection that made us sad. Or maybe it was the Ravens 19-13 loss to Denver that made us sad. Or the fact that Terrell Suggs is out for the season. Okay, let’s just say, you ADDED TO OUR BAD MOOD, Under Armour!

Let’s take it to a poll, shall we?