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Cheap Tricks

Well-known locals weigh in on some of their favorite dishes.

“I love Artifact Coffee’s ‘Bowl & a Beer special on Wednesday nights. To have Spike Gjerde cooking you a meal for $8 (including local craft beer) is kind of crazy.” —Amy Langrehr, Charm City Cook

“Twice a week, I go to Nick’s Chicken in Pigtown for rotisserie chicken and collards.” —Timothy Dyson, executive chef, Dooby’s

“I love Sweet 27 because it features great multicultural menu items packed with flavor and prepared skillfully with attention to detail. There’s nothing on the menu over $19. I also like El Sabor del Parque: authentic tacos on house-made tortillas and higher quality proteins than most other mom-and-pop Latin spots. Tacos de lengua and de chorizo are the best I’ve had in the city—$2.50 per taco and it only takes two to fill you up.” —Evan Tanner, owner of Tanner’s Comestibles

Haute Dog on Falls Road. Simply put, their traditional hot dog is killer. The bun is oblong and heated from the inside out. And for $5—this is a no-brainer.” —Marty Bass, WJZ-TV weatherman

“Nam Kang. They have great late-night Korean BBQ, but I rally for the whipped chilled potato salad that they give with all of the condiments. Love it! —Cyrus Keefer, formerly of Fork & Wrench

“We get Korean food a lot at Jong Kak on Charles Street. It’s cheap, delicious, and open late.” —Sarah Acconcia, executive chef, Le Garage

“Shrimp salad at Mr. Bill’s Terrace Inn is a pound of shrimp steamed just for you, picked and dressed with mayo while still warm. Szechuan House gets a daily delivery of fresh snow peapods and string beans. Their menu is fairly low-priced to begin with, but the very fresh greenery makes for a good taste/dollar investment. At Jennings Cafe, Miss Wanda’s handmade side dishes like cucumber and onion salad and potato salad, dress up burgers and fried oysters with nostalgically delicious taste and make the standard pub fare a standout bargain.” —Marty Katz, Baltimore food writer and photojournalist

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