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Cinco de Mayo drink recipe

Clemetine reveals the recipe for our favorite tequila cocktail.

A few friends of mine have been raving about the cocktails at Clementine in Hamilton. One in particular keeps coming up—the tequila fresca. According to manager Amy Daniel, the tequila fresca is Clementine’s most popular drink.

The drink is made with two different simple syrups, a basil-lime syrup and a lemon-rosemary syrup. Once strained, you shake the syrups up with fresh tarragon, tequila, and ice to chill, and then serve in a martini glass. Unlike a margarita, the tequila fresca isn’t too tart, but rather a good balance of sweet and savory flavors. And the tequila punch is just enough, without being too strong. The overall flavor is mild and refreshing, which Daniel warns, can make it very easy to throw a few back.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the drink (usually $9.50) is available all day today for $6.