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Flying Dog Brewery releases Old Bay Cookbook

Flying Dog Brewery collaborates with 17 local chefs for a unique cookbook.

In honor of Old Bay’s 75th anniversary, Flying Dog Brewery has released The Dead Rise Old Bay Cookbook.

“Old Bay lovers pride themselves on putting Old Bay on everything, so this cookbook is an extension of that obsession,” said Erin Weston, director of communications for Flying Dog Brewery.

If you live in Maryland and don’t know what Old Bay is, you’re doing something wrong. I have to be honest though. I’m a New Jersey native and never heard of the local seasoning until I moved to Baltimore a couple of years ago. Crazy, I know.

Flying Dog partnered with 17 local chefs, including Bryan Voltaggio, Mike Isabella, and Spike Gjerde, to showcase Old Bay dishes like grilled oysters with peaches, catfish tacos, crab cake sandwiches, and Old Bay peanut brittle ice cream. Some of the recipes use Flying Dog beer as well.

“Instead of simply sprinkling it on popcorn or refusing to eat corn on the cob without it, people can also see how world-renowned chefs incorporate it in new and unique ways,” Weston said.

You can buy the cookbook for $15 at the Flying Dog Brewery gift shop in Frederick or on the brewery’s online store.

The proceeds from the cookbook will benefit True Blue, a program that advocates on behalf of the 5,500 watermen who are working the Cheseapeake Bay.

Flying Dog also released Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, which has become a hit in Maryland. Read more about the beer in the July issue of Baltimore magazine.