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How Taking a Bath Can Give Your Body the Detox it Needs

We chat with Shannon Vaughn, founder of Easton-based Pursoma, whose brand focuses on healing the body through relaxation and organic ingredients.
—Courtesy of Pursoma via Facebook

In the age of self-care, baths are a must. But the bathing we’re talking about here isn’t so much about a tub overflowing with bubbles, a glass of wine, and candles—although that does sound lovely. Instead, this is a bath with real therapeutic value. Shannon Vaughn, founder and CEO of Easton-based Pursoma, created a brand that focuses on healing the body through relaxation and organic ingredients. We talked to her about how bath time can be the end of the day detox your body absolutely needs.

What are the benefits of a bath time wellness routine?
I believe that bathing is exercise without movement. In the sanctuary of your own home, you can sweat and release stress without much physical effort and reap the rich mind-body benefit of deep relaxation.

What steps can we take to create a purifying, rejuvenating bath?
I love to think of this process as my mise en place—like the French-style of cooking. Grab a bathrobe, water bottle, face cloth, and bath soak treatment. Put your phone on airplane mode, turn on a soothing playlist, and run a hot bath as hot as you can withstand. Allow yourself to soak and sweat in the bath. I recommend 20-30 minutes, taking sips from your water bottle throughout the process. When you get out of the tub, wrap yourself in a robe or towel, and get under some blankets. This will continue the detoxification process for about 10 minutes. I like to follow up with one of the Pursoma body oils.

Is there a best time of day to do this?
On regular workdays, I take a bath every night unless I come home too late. I will especially take a bath if I have had anything to drink, because it detoxes the alcohol from the body through sweat. On the weekend, I do the same routine in the late afternoon as a way to relax and unwind.

Are there side effects of using bath salts regularly?
High-quality sleep! I feel more rested and productive when I bathe regularly. The side effects of bathing, sweating, and drinking water in the tub each night are clear, hydrated skin and a calmer nervous system.

How is Pursoma different from Epsom bath salts?
Most people don’t realize that Epsom soaks are not made with actual salt. Epsom is a manufactured product. By contrast, Pursoma soaks are made with all-natural, hand-harvested French gray sea salt loaded with beneficial minerals. Not only does this feel better on your skin because it’s hydrating instead of drying, but the body is also able to absorb some of the trace minerals. It’s an all-natural alternative and incredibly good for you.


DISCONNECT: These intense baths require some peace and quiet; putting your phone on airplane mode will help keep you in the zone.

HOT WATER: Unlike your typical bubble bath, the goal here is to sweat out the stress.

WATER BOTTLE: Make sure you stay hydrated with fresh water.