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Thrive Solutions Brings Mobile IV Hydration To You

From hangover cures to quickie cold remedies, founders discuss the benefits of their services.

Dreams of hangover cures and quickie cold remedies aren’t uncommon. Over-the-counter medications provide some relief, but what if there was a way to instantly feel better? That’s where local company Thrive Solutions comes in. We talked with founders Dr. George Ho and Jay Ward about the claim that their IV hydration services can give us fast relief.

What is IV hydration?
GH: It’s a technique in which we place an intravenous catheter into a vein in the arm and infuse a fluid [of vitamins and minerals]. We use lactated ringers, [the solution that’s] used in hospitals. By getting the nutrients intravenously you absorb it much more than if you were to drink it or take oral supplements.

What can we expect from a treatment?
JW: After arranging an appointment, a nurse arrives at the home or place of business. They perform the treatment wherever is most comfortable—sitting, laying down, whatever works. After a basic assessment to make sure that it’s safe to treat the client, the nurse selects an IV site with input from the client. The client can expect to receive fluids for about 30 minutes, but we have pressure infusers to shorten the duration if needed. Then, the client can relax, watch TV, or converse with the nurse, who’ll be monitoring them throughout the treatment. Once completed, the nurse will remove the IV and control any bleeding.

How do we know what infusion we need?
JW: We offer pre-packaged formulas, [called “cocktails”], that have vitamins you might not get from other sources. In particular, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan you might not get the B-12 you get from animal products. But we offer a ton of a la carte options so people can add and take off what they like. [Clients] can also reach out for customized treatments.

How often can we receive treatments?
GH: Some people need fluids more frequently, whereas for some it’d be dangerous to receive fluids or nutrients too frequently. Some of our vitamins take a day or so until they take effect depending on the treatment.

Are there any potential side effects?
JW: There’s always the occasional risk of bruising at the site of the IV. It’s not something that’d cause an allergic reaction, but our nurses carry Benadryl to combat reactions.
GH: The majority of our treatments are natural, and our registered nurses are ER-trained so they’re able to handle adverse reactions.

Where can we go for Thrive “cocktails?”
JW: We’re mobile, so we’ll come to you. Prices vary; packages start at $100 and go to $150. If you add an extra vitamin, an anti-nausea drug, or anti-inflammatory, it might go up.



GOALS: “Cocktails” can be catered to whatever wellness need you’re looking for.

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it takes about
30 minutes for an IV hydration treatment.


CONFIDENCE: While you’re in professional care, remember that the IV is a needle that has to be inserted into a vein.