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Lofty Living

For Rent Shoes’ owner Harrison Davis’s modern-meets-worldly downtown loft.

HOME SWEET HOME: The Lenore was the first apartment building my husband, Daniel, and I looked at once we decided to live next to work. It was very different coming from a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house with a garage to this space, for sure. This is about one-third of our furniture from our old house in Greektown.

CHAIRISH: The egg chair was the first piece of furniture I bought as an adult. It was my childhood dream to always have one, and that was the one thing that my parents would not get me.

MIX AND MATCH: When we travel, we tend to buy things from markets and look for something authentic and vintage, like textiles from Egypt, and mix in fashion inspirations like the Fendi and Prada pieces.

SNEAKER HEAD: My shoe obsession started in 2006 when I moved to Boston to go to college, and I discovered a store called Bodega. Daniel and I wear the same exact size, so that makes everything super easy. I probably have ten pairs that I’ve designed—I’m going to keep those forever, along with my Jeremy Scott ones.

CUSTOM-MADE: Every time we move, I build a new shoe wall. Being an accountant and finance nerd, I do a whole equation based on how many high tops and low tops I have and how many shelves are needed with the square space of the wall.

ART SMART: We have a Michael Owen LOVE mural piece that was our wedding gift. The rest of the artworks are original pieces as well, from the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Boston. A couple of pieces are from art shows we had at the store that I really believed in. I design everything before I sign or buy, so if I know my art won’t fit the way I want it to, I won’t live there. As long as the art fits, you can always get new furniture—because I’ll never get rid of the art.