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Nest: Wheel of Portion

Joshua Sullivan’s modern home bar.

Repurposed piece: I like this bookshelf as a bar because the shelves are roomy and give me plenty of space to showcase my favorite bottles. It’s the first thing I see when I enter the room, so I like to fill it with a few treasured objects, as well as any bottles I’m excited about for the season. 

First sip: I’ve been bartending for some time now. I caught the bug when I made a trip down to New Orleans and had my first Sazerac. 

Open bar: While I need to cram the bulk of my bottles in traditional hutches in the dining room, I like the accessibility of having these shelves with a few choice bottles in the living room, and the setup doesn’t separate me from my company. 

Super call: On special occasions, we’ll sip from one of the rare bottles that I picked up from Kentucky, like the Willett 25-year-old rye. And thanks to a lucky find at The Wine Source, I recently added the 15-year-old George T. Stagg [bourbon] to my collection. 

Top shelf: I have a bunch of antique glassware, books, and tools. They don’t all fit on this bar. Only my best stuff goes here. Vintage bar tools from Napier are some of my prize possessions. I use the small barrel for aging Negronis, one of my favorite cocktails. I also make a lot of my own bitters, infusions, and syrups. You can see a bunch of my recipes on my website postprohibition.com

Back stock: I have two hutches in the dining room and a wine cellar in the basement to store my excess liquor, ingredients for bitters, glassware, bar tools, and projects in the works. People walk in and say, “Wow, you have a lot of booze!”