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Ravens Top 20: Peter Boulware Gets Four Sacks in a Single Game

We count down the top moments in Ravens history to celebrate the team’s 20th season.

#14: Peter Boulware Gets Four Sacks in a Single Game
January 7, 2002

How it happened: One of the good things about the Ravens celebrating a mere 20 seasons is that most Baltimoreans have a pretty solid memory of the team’s entire run. Sure, there are some youngins who have no knowledge of Stoney Case (lucky them) or, say, Jonathan Ogden (their loss). But most of us remember the whole wonderful ride.

But just in case weren’t born yet—or were too young to remember—outside linebacker Peter Boulware was good. Like, really good.

Drafted in the first round in 1997 (the Ravens second draft class), Boulware made his mark instantly that year, finishing the season with 66 tackles, 13 sacks, and one forced fumble. He also won a little thing we like to call the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award.

He was big (6’4”). He was fast. He was strong. (I half-pity opposing teams who were forced to face both Ray Lewis and Boulware on the same defense. It almost seems unfair.)

Before Terrell Suggs claimed the title in 2011, Boulware was the Ravens all-time sacks leader, with 70. He played for the Ravens for eight years, retiring in 2005, and his career stats are simply eye-popping: 493 tackles, 70 sacks, 13 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries, and one interception. His greatest season, however, was probably 2001, when he racked up 15 sacks—again, a team record until Elvis Dumervil broke it just last year—and got four sacks in a single game against the Minnesota Vikings, a Ravens record only equaled by Michael McCrary (another great Raven you kids should look up.)

It’s no coincidence that Boulware was a key member of the 2000 Super Bowl-winning team’s defense that is considered among the greatest of all time. He was the man.

All season long, we’ll be counting down the Ravens top moments in franchise history to celebrate the team’s 20th season in Baltimore. Take a look back at what moments we’ve chronicled so far.

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