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Gift Guide: $10 - $25

Ideas to Inspire at Every Price Point

Pewter bud frame
$22 at Sweet Elizabeth Jane

True Brews
$23 at Trohv

ZAD necklace
$21 at Cloud 9

Retro vinyl coasters
$15/set of six at Sweet Elizabeth Jane

Natty Boh rugged tote
$20.99 at Natty Boh Gear

Tokyo Milk Dark by Margot Elena Eau De Parfum, Parfum de Cigarro, Wisdom No. 26
$24 at Vintage Bliss Boutique

Sophie & Lili for North American Bear Co. 12” Gigi doll
$19.95 at Greenberries

Cat saucer
$20 at Paws Pet Boutique

Butter London nail lacquer
$15 at Poppy and Stella

Moustache pacifier
$10.50 at The Boxwood Collection

Denim eyeglass pouch
$20 at Angela Lynn Boutique

Under Appreciated Animals flash cards
$19.99 at Amuse Toys

Nest cups bath toys
$15 at The Baltimore Museum of Art

C.C. Exclusives infinity scarf
$21.99 at The Bead

‘Stache comb
$15 at Sixteen Tons

“Love You More” small box sign
$15 at Mud and Metal

$20-23 at Sweet Elizabeth Jane

Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series
$19.95 at The Ivy Bookshop

$15 at In The Details

Small multi-color embellished bag
$16 at Wee Chic.

MBeze Cruizee natural body mist
$16 at The Bottom Drawer

Felt camera holder
$10 at Vintage Bliss Boutique

Salt-and-pepper shakers
$24 at Milagro

$19 at Brightside Boutique

Fort Standard Areaware diamond box
$19 at The Store Ltd.

Recycled paper 10” bowl
$18 at Kashmir

$14 at K Staton Boutique